I think I’ve mentioned this before, its been a part of our lives as long as Ava has… her battle to poo! One of her first ever visits to the pead was because of constipation, at the time she’d developed a fissure from the severity of her constipation. We tried about 4 different formula’s before finding one that didn’t compound the problem. I’ve always been cognizant of the fact that we have a baby that will always battle to poop. In life, people fall into two distinctly different groups, those who can and those who can’t. Heck, even in our household, we have one who can and one who can’t. Now we have another one with Ava, who simply can’t!

I have tried literally everything, what most people are still learning about treating and managing constipation in an infant, I’ve learned and forgotten already. So here’s a quick run down on all that we do or have tried:

Rooibos tea with a teaspoon of brown treacle sugar – given daily

Pro biotic – given daily

Fruit juice, especially clear apple given regularly

whole-wheat/multi grained baby porridges

Green leafy vegetables, including cabbage, spinach and broccoli

A teaspoon of Olive Oil over her food

Purity Prunes

Home made stewed fruit


Lots of water

Prune Juice

Massaging her stomach

“Bicyling” her legs

Lascon Syrup

Dupholac Syrup

Glycerine Suppositories

Pegicol Powder (specialist schedule medication for severe constipation and fecal impact)

Today, it’s officially been 5 days since she made a normal stool. All she can manage are what we call “bok drolle” (buck poop – little pellet type poops) and these come with a huge amount of effort and lots of crying. It’s so bad that when I use the glycerine suppositories, the only thing that comes out is the suppository, and believe me, I know how to use them, I keep her butt cheeks clenched with my fingers so it can’t just slip out but the suppository will come out parshly dissolved but no damn poop.

Its been especially bad over the past couple of weeks and has reached the point where she is now refusing her food, and I have a feeling it’s because she’s so clogged up on the inside! So we went to see our GP today. After a careful examination that included some prodding of her tummy and also a latex gloved finger… and lots of crying, my GP had concluded that my child is indeed so severely constipated that she has now become fearful of making a doodoo because it’s too painful for her. She’s also bloated and has really badly compacted fecal matter.

The treatment….  pretty much what we’ve been doing all along. Except now, we need to add to the mix a topical anesthesia which has to be applied to her bottom 15 minutes before each glycerine suppository for the next 3 to 4 days to get her over her fear of making a poop and to make it less painful so we can get the back log cleared. We’re also doubling the dose of the Pegicol for the next few days to really get everything (hopefully) working as it should and will then slowly over a period of two weeks wean her off it completely. Hopefully but that stage her new formula – Novalac IT Stage 2 – will have kicked in.

Either way, my GP assures me that some babies will battle with this worse than others and that with time it will pass. God I hope so because there is nothing worse than watching her strain and arch her body and scream and cry just to make a poop!

Edited to add – have just spoken with the nanny… it is now 13h30 on Wednesday afternoon and six days since her last no. 2 my child has finally… in the words of the nanny “made two BEEG poo’s!” YAY

Who would have thought that a discussion about poop could make me so happy!