Ok, a touchy subject I know. But I need HELP!

*Warning* Not for prudes!

Somewhere during the 7 odd year journey to parenthood, my get-up-and-go got up and left! And I’m talking about my sex drive. I used to have a healthy relationship with sex but now… not so much!

What happened that my sex drive got so completley switched off and more importantly how do I get it back?

I’m not one of those women who is happy to never have sex again. And I know from friends (no names mentioned) that I’m not alone in feeling this way. But the biggest difference between me and them is that I want to want it. I just don’t.

When I went to the gynae for my check up in September I discussed this with her, hoping for some miracle pill that I could just pop that would bring my sex drive back but there was non forthcoming. Instead she spent an hour and a half talking to be about the pro’s and con’s of date night and various birth control options and I left there feeling dejected as it really didn’t help me at all.

My problem is two fold, between my infertility and recurrent miscarriages and the weight I have gained in the years of IF, I have developed an intense hatred for my body. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of all the fat wobbly bits and really don’t want any of it to be seen or touched in any way and I despise it for all the babies that died inside of it. And the second problem, I believe, relates to all the years of invasive and humiliating scans and egg retrievals and just basically lying with my legs in the air while a room full of people peer down there.

So what to do? I’m married to a sexy beefcake of a man who is only in his early 30’s! This so isn’t fair on him either! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!