*warning* not the for the squeamish!

Oh my soul! I have even found myself googling poo, baby poo, teething poo et etc etc over the last few days! Who would have thought I’d ever ask Dr Google about poo!!!!! In years gone by my search phrases including FET, IVF, IVF Success Rates, IVF Success rates ** days past ET, Intralipids, Menopur, etc etc etc, NEVER POO!

It all started Sunday two weeks ago, on the drive back from the airport after saying goodbye to my cousin, we’d given Ava her bottle to drink in the car as it was late and planned to just plop her in her cot when we got home. Only, on the way home, something started to stink. And I mean really, burn-your-nose-hairs-stink! When we got home and lifted our sleeping toddler out of the car, she came away with a rather large poo mark on her back, in the car seat and beautifully all squiged into my hands! After scrubbing the car seat, the baby and the baby clothes, we all went to sleep, thinking nothing of it.

Fast forward to Saturday and while playing with Ava in the lounge on Saturday afternoon, again that unpleasant sensation of burning nose hair began and I just knew what we were in for. Once again, poo down the legs, up the back even into the back of her hair. Once again, thinking nothing of it, we wash the baby, wash the baby clothes and continue on.

Sunday morning, while brushing Ava’s (2) teeth, I suddenly realize that the sound of the toothbrush moving over her bare gums is sounding different. I open her mouth and low and behold, there are two top teeth! Right through! Sticking all the way out. My first reaction was one of utter relief. Although I had thought it odd that she’d cut her first two teeth at 9 months and nothing since. I was secretly praying the remaining teeth would stay away as long as possible given the sleepless hell we went through for 2 weeks. And now here we were and suddenly my 13 month old had 4 teeth in her mouth and aside from the rather rank poo experiences, there had been NO symptoms! Whoohoo!

Tuesday morning, Ava wakes us crying her heart out at 05h30! Very very odd, it’s about an hour and a half too early for her to be awake. I jump out of bed and as I approach her bedroom I start to feel my nose hairs burning! Open her bedroom door to discover my beautiful princess lying in a pool of poo! Poo on her hands, poo seeping out her nappy, over her pajama’s, over her sleep sack. Poo poo poo!

We had a repeat performance of that again this morning! Two days in a row we’ve had to bath her by 6am and washing her bedding, sleep sack and pajama’s because everything was literally covered in poo!

But when I brushed her teeth this morning, I looked in her mouth and saw that another two teeth have come through at the bottom. And now I’m starting to think she’s on a teething marathon and is making up for the months she spent toothless by cutting all her teeth in one month.

These teething poo’s are killer, they’re so acidic they burn her, her bottom and the folds of her inner thighs are red red red and judging from how white her gums are, I think we need to prepare ourselves for many more of these morning baths in the weeks to come!

I’m just so relieved that the teething necklace seems to have had an effect and we’re not having any sleepless nights or disruptions to her routine! Long may it last!