Life Inspiration – When You’re Exactly Where You’re Meant To Be.

It’s been two week’s and one day since I started my new job, after 12 years with my previous employer. I’ve had a couple of “OMG What have I done?!” moments, but for the most part, I’m really enjoying the challenge. My mind is stimulated and I feel challenged and I am loving every moment of it so far. The days literally fly by at lightening speed. 

I’m learning a lot….

I’ve literally been chucked in the deep end. I’m not really sure if this is to test my abilities to adapt and run with it, or if it’s my new employers way of showing the level of trust they have in me. But each time a new challenge comes my way, I just go with it and it’s been so….. freeing, rewarding, challenging, amazing.

About two hours into my first day at my new job, they informed me they were sending me off to Durban to run our stand at the Mama Magic Baby Expo. I won’t lie, I was a little terrified. I’ve worked expos before, but never as the person in charge. But I just took a deep breath and threw myself into it. I used my knowledge and experience of previous expo work, both at rAge and with my previous employer, MWeb, at the technology expos. It was exciting and super fun. 

And the challenges just kept coming….

Today, exactly a week and one day since I joined the company, I also presented my first training session. I was a little nervous, only because our MD came along for “moral support”. To be honest, I was more terrified of presenting in front of her than the room full of trainees. I’ve worked previously as a lecturer so public speaking is really no biggie for me. And again, it was fine, I got through it, I knew what I was talking about, after having worked the expo over the weekend, I am more than comfortable with our product offering.

But there was one moment….

At the Mama Magic Expo, I’d just helped a first time Mom-to-be through our product range. She was SO excited, her husband and her parents and her sister where there with her, there excitement was infections. I’d helped her select the right breast pump, bottles, soothers and other baby accessories for her. As I was walking through the expo to go and buy a coffee and take a 10 minute break, I looked around at all the precious babies, at all the beautiful preggie bumps, at all the joy and the excitement…. and I knew in that moment, I’m EXACTLY where I’m meant to be.

The Right Time….

It’s weird how life has a way of working. I couldn’t have done this job 7 years ago. It would have broken my fragile, infertile heart. But today, I proudly represent one of South Africa’s and the worlds premium baby product brands and I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

It’s an honour and a privilege to offer support, advice and encouragement to new parents at the expo. It’s exciting to be forging my brand new role as sales manager for a company with such an incredible and proud history.

Making the decision to quit my job was HARD.

But it was the right decision for me. I’ll be forever thankful to Lauren from Kid’s Emporium and Janice from Kid’s Emporium for inspiring me and encouraging me to forge this new path. 


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