Life Lately…. Hamsters on a wheel

There is a lot on the go at Casa VW currently. A lot. Some of it is good. Some of it not so good! 

Currently we’re dealing with all the winter lurgy’s! 

We’ve had almost 4 weeks of illness in our house with Hannah being our patient X yet again! First she brought a stomach bug home with her which had a domino effect, knocking us all down in quick succession. That was followed by a round of sniffles which seems to have developed into full blown flu for Ava. She has been so sick since the weekend, with raging fevers that have been near impossible to break and literally water and Nurofen have been her only source of sustenance for the last 4 days. To be honest, I’m starting to get a little freaked out that she is refusing to eat. 

After procrastinating over this issue for months, we finally took the plunge, after a little shove in that direction from Hannah’s nursery school, and started her in speech therapy a few week’s ago. I’ve blogged before about my concerns around her speech and so when the school suggest that we get her assessed, we got it done. 

She was assessed two weeks ago and while there are no serious issues and her hearing is perfect, there were a couple of areas she needed focus and assistance on. Mostly relating to metathesis (the transposition of sounds or letters in a word) and articulation errors and phonological processes. I know, I pretty much have no clue what I just wrote their and you probably don’t have either, but what it comes down to is teaching her to pronounce specific sounds and use them in the correct order. So she’s having weekly therapy sessions and we have homework relating to facial exercises which we need to do too. Most of her issues are age appropriate it’s more the frequency of their occurrence that is concerning.

I’m feeling exhausted from the pace of my schedule lately and often it feels like my husband and I are like ships passing in the night. Like we’re all on this mad, dash, scramble to get ahead but actually getting no where. Know what I mean?

And I know in this mad scramble I am mostly to blame. I hate passing up opportunities, I’m very much a grab life by the short and curly’s and go with it kind of girl. So it’s hard for me to say no to things, especially things that are fun or exciting for me.

Just as an example, this week, I participated in the Daily Dish #DishVsDish cook off, on very short notice. They contacted me on Monday morning and by Monday evening I was in my kitchen cooking up a storm. 

You can vote for your favorite #DishVsDish winner here:

  Then last night, I had a work function, so I was out late and, well, this happened, which is never really a good idea on a Tuesday night. 


Because jam jars & I never take myself too seriously! #OverwatchZA

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Then on Friday I have a farewell for yet another friend emigrating. Saturday morning my girls have something on, which I can’t wait to share with you…. yes, even they are now brand ambassadors! I’ll tell you more about that on Friday but it’s AMAZING! Saturday afternoon, I’m fulfilling my brand ambassador role for Sorbet Fourways, not that this is a chore in any way shape or form, I’ll be visiting the salon for my first Vit A peel and then attending a blogger event they’re hosting directly after. Sunday morning the girls have horse riding and so my life goes.

It’s like every moment of every day has something scheduled and I’m just constantly chasing my tail. It’s all very exciting and fantastic, but at times a little exhausting too!

So… how are things with you?


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