Walter and I have spent much time reminiscing over the special time last year. Both of us have agreed that we wish we could go back and relive the magical week that was the lead up to Ava’s birth from receiving that fateful phone call to her actual birth. At the time, we were both so gob-smacked and in such shock that none of it seemed real and I realize now that we missed out on part of the experience because of the haze we were in.

Of course, neither one of us wishes to go back to the new-born days, that part is really not for sissies! The sleep deprivation and colic and cramps and feeling so out of sorts.

I also remember the extreme anxiety I felt during this period in the lead up to our meeting our BM and Ava’s subsequent birth.

This week we are also holding our BM close. We plan to buy her another charm for the Baccio bracelet we bought her as a gift after Ava’s birth. I also want to have a nice leather-bound photo book made for her – Ava-Grace: The First Year, as a gift to commemorate this time in all of our lives.

It’s just such a beautiful and special time filled with so many memories and not to forget the build up to Ava’s very special birthday party!