I remember just prior to starting my last IVF, I was checking out the IVF/FET Hitlist on Fertilicare and feeling really unsettled by the poor stats, I even blogged about (read that posting here). Well today I was updating the stats and I’m hoping that the distinct change in success rates is boding well for my upcoming FET. In the past 3 months, we’ve had 20 recorded IVF’s/FET’s on the forum. Of those 20, only 4 were negative, 2 were cancelled, 2 resulted in chemical pregnancies, 2 are unaccounted for AND 10 resulted in positive pregnancies.That’s a 50% success rate!

Now, as you know, this journey has made me (and I think a lot of my IF sista’s) superstitious and in the build up to a treatment and during treatments, we often look for signs. Well I’m really hoping that the stats above bode well for my FET!