Madagascar 3 – Escape To The Toilet

After reading so many mommy bloggers having success taking their littlies to the movies for the first time in the last couple of months, I decided it would be a great idea to treat Ava to her very first movie!

On Sunday we headed off to Monte Casino to see Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Ava-Grace was besides herself about seeing the “big TV” but the outing was very nearly called off before we’d even made it to the Cinema – damn you Magic Land!

After spending a small fortune on token’s (clever how the token machine doesn’t give change so you slide in your only cash, a R50 note and it spews out a bucket load of tokens) and then having Ava ride on every conceivable ride in Magic Land, of which there are many, I had to practically carry her crying into the cinema!
Eventually we get our tickets and because madam is now potty trained, I decide a trip to the toilet would be a good idea before going into the cinema, only, there is no little step or toilet trainer on the toilet and Missy takes one look at the large and somewhat gross toilets (why are cinema toilets always so disgusting?) and decides there is no way in hell she is making a wee on that.
Right, toilet trip aborted, we collect our popcorn, “cola” and Jelly Babies as I promised and head into the cinema. Now at this point, I should mention, Ava’s no. 1 food choice is popcorn. She LOVES it and is quite shocked to discover there are trails of the offending fluff lying all over the floor of the cinema, trails of it leading off in every direction and Missy has GOT to collect every last piece of it off the floor to add to her already overflowing box of popcorn! After explaining to her for the umpteenth time that we don’t pick up food off the floor anywhere except at home, I finally drag her into her seat and no sooner had our bums hit the chair than the movie started.
The look on her precious little face was priceless. She was in awe, engulfed by the huge movie seat, with her little box of popcorn, she simply couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen.
The first half an hour everything went perfectly. Ava sat in her chair with her popcorn and “cola” and was mesmerized by the scenes unfolding before her.
But about half way through the movie she decided that she did in fact need the toilet and so the bathroom inspections began!
FOUR! YES FOUR trips to the toilet in the space of 20 minutes,  later and only one wee, I was about ready to ask her if she wanted to go home! Half the problem was the Ice Age promo that was happening in the foyer of the cinema, clever bastards them promoters! Apparently watching balloon art and getting an elephant shaped balloon is much more fun than actually watching the movie.
Eventually I managed to coax her back into the cinema but she flat out refused to sit in her seat choosing instead to stand in the isle, once again eating popcorn off the floor and dancing to the Katy Perry Fireworks song that was played repeatedly throughout the movie.
So our first movie attempt was not perfect but Ava maintains that she loved it and she wants to go again to see the movie with the elephant (Ice Age).
Perhaps our second attempt will be more about watching the actual movie than escapes to the bathroom!



  • blackhuff

    June 26, 2012 at 11:16 am

    I too felt for this trap this first time I took my son to the Cinema. He was also about the age that your little one is and because everyone had such big successes of taking their children to the Cinemas, I gave it a shot too. But got the same results as you did and more. After toilet run number 4, he just did not want to sit still in the Cinema anymore and thus we decided to leave.
    With child no 2, I was not taking the chance. I only took child no 2 to a movie when she was 5. Yes, and then too we had 2 bathroom breaks but luckily got to finish watching the movie.
    In my opinion, give children time to “grow up” a bit. I find it’s much more easier on child and parent, if the child is 8 and older. They don’t need a bathroom break so often (or don’t need one at all) and it’s much more fun and easier.
    Sorry that your first time movie experience did not go as smooth as hoped.

  • Lena

    June 26, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Rides are the exact reason we NEVER carry change and they are always “Broken” when we visit the mall/movies/supermarket. I am a “mean mummy”, but at 5 1/2yrs he will now not ask and we can pull the your not a baby card now 😀 Grandparents can spend all the $ they want on rides but Mummy and Daddy will not.
    Your first movie was pretty good – ours involved lots of crying that it was too dark and telling the man to turn the lights back on……then as I said enough he decided that it was lots of fun and sat down alone! :S

  • Spiritedmama1

    June 26, 2012 at 11:37 am

    How exciting! We watched Macar, like Dudie calls it, on Friday evening. First time we attempted a night show. But it was fine. I found some of the scenes scary and so did Dudie. I was so excited for Ice Age but the trailer put me off as it didn’t seem appropriate for my Dudie. Now, I’m not sure whether to take him or not.

    I remember our first experience. We watched Cars 2. He happily loosened his nappy on one side and peed in it and wet his left side in the process. Note, he was standing in the cinema watching the movie. We went for a quick chaneg and git back within no time to catch the last bit. I’m sure Ava just needs time to adjust to “that” routine.

    ]And I think that it’s absolutely priceless to see how excited they are to see such a huge TV 🙂

  • Jenny

    June 26, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Toy Story 3 was Dyl’s first movie – of course he refused to wear the 3D glasses and wanted to leave when the monkey was bashing the cymbal – still has nightmares on that one -as do I! But my funniest was when he loudly asked if we can pause the movie so he could go to the loo! LOL.

  • Sue Stuart

    June 26, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Katy also did the standing in the aisle thing! I put a nappy on her though, to avoid all the toilet trips. We made it through about half an hour of the actual movie, all the ads and trailers beforehand were far too long! Next time I’ll time our arrival to coincide with the start of the actual film 🙂


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