This morning, Ava-Grace and I had one of those fun Mom & Daughter bonding mornings. We went down to our local shopping mall and met our idol! You see, like mother like daughter and Ava-Grace most certainly is taking after her mamma, she has, like me, developed a passion for Hello Kitty and this morning, we had an opportunity to meet Ms Kitty in the flesh! And get 10% off all Hello Kitty merchandise in store, there was no way we were going to miss this opportunity.

So, both of us decked out in Ms Kitty get up, including HK T-Shirts, HK watches & HK hair clippies, headed into the mall and I couldn’t have been prouder of Ava-Grace! As we approached the store, I asked her: “Where is Hello Kitty?” and instead of pointing to the Hello Kitty on her T-shirt as she always does, she spied Ms Kitty standing at the store and pointed directly at her.

What followed was a true love affair, with me having to drag Ava away at the end of her meeting with Ms Kitty, a bag full of over priced and yet discounted HK merchandise and Ava-Grace sobbing as if the world had come to anend!