The folks over at Epson had their amazing Epson L355 printer delivered to me on loan last week. It’s the same printer I used at the #EpsonMomsRock photography workshop with Jeanette Verster last weekend. This weekend I set it up and the first thing I wanted to  do was print photo’s for my girls memory boxes. I have loads of photo’s of both girls with their birth mom’s at placement and I’ve backed these up on to external hard drives, have them saved on both mine and Walter’s laptops and I’m also in the process of creating a Google drive and storing them there. It’s always been my worst fear that something will happen to those photo’s, those precious moments that our girls spent with their birth mom’s and while the memories will stay with me forever, I will have NOTHING to show my girls.

So today I intended to print out all of those photo’s as well, now that I conveniently have a photographic printer sitting right next to me. This morning I went and took both girls memory boxes down and had a little rummage through them, while thinking of their birth mom’s and of all the precious memories I have saved from both of their placements. It was a beautiful walk down memory lane.

Ava’s memory box is a beautiful vintage style suitcase, that is stuffed full of precious memories, from gifts from her birth mother, little pieces of jewelry, a jersey that her biological grandmother knitted for her, our adoption profile, a snippet of her hair from her first hair cut, her hospital band, cards from her baby shower, her first pair of shoes, you name it, every possible precious memory from her first year is stuffed inside that box and I love to take it out the cupboard and look at it all from time to time.



Hannah’s box also contains gifts from her birth mom & little odds & ends from the place of safety, jerseys that were knitted for her from a charity, her first outfit she wore from the hospital, her placement day outfit, the teddies that were donated to the place of safety and given to Hannah, her hospital band, her bottle & dummy from the place of safety and the most prized possession of all, a letter from her birth mother to her. These are all such incredibley special items that I want to keep safe for her. I haven’t gotten around to finding a nice storage solution for Hannah’s goodies yet, but will need to make plan soon as currently it’s all stores in a cardboard box and it’s only a matter of time before the fishmoths get it!



Right and now I’m off to totally abuse the Epson printer, I have SO many pictures I want to get printed but I’m always too lazy or never seem to find the time or remember to put them on a memory stick and take them to the printers. So today I plan to make up on almost 4 years of photo’s and I’m seriously going to put this Epson printer through it’s paces!