Milestones – Baby Got A Hair Cut!

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory – Proverbs

And both of my daughters have a mass of beautiful, soft, dark hair. Hannah has even more hair than Ava as a baby, really hard to believe when you see just how much hair Ava has now as an almost 4 year old. But Hannah’s hair has been looking scraggly, with a single long, dark ringlet over each ear making her look like a little old religious Jewish man and then tufts of long and short hair on the rest of her head. So yesterday, on a whim, we headed over to Chop It for my baby’s first hair cut!


She charmed everyone in the salon by doing her bum dance to the music that was playing and was an absolute trooper throughout her first cut. No whining, no crying!


Now she looks like a little boy from the 1920’s but at least all the baby fluff is now gone and we can start to grow her some beautiful long dark tresses that I am sure will rival her sisters very soon!


Of course, we also got the customary, right of passage certificate for her memory box, with a clipping of her hair and dates of  her first hair cut.


Both my girls are 100% daddy’s girls and I couldn’t help but have a giggle when Walter got home and I saw that he and Hannah now have the same hair cut!


‘scuse the blurry shots, but its very difficult to get a clear image of a very wriggly, very giggly 7 month old!


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