We had our final weigh in at the baby clinic yesterday. From now on, AG will only need to visit the baby clinic for her vaccinations. She’s done really well! She’s 10 weeks tomorrow and is just shy of doubling her birth weight. Born at 2.9kg’s, she’s now weighing in at 5.28kg’s but she still looks quite petite, I think this is because despite her weight gain, she’s really tall, falling into the 98th percentile for height but dead on 50% for weight. Her BM was tall and petite, so I reckon she’s probably going to be the same.

She’s become such a joy to both W and I. I must be honest, those early weeks were really hard, I don’t think I could have the first 4 weeks over ever again. They were terrible. I was stressed out, feeling totally out of my depth, sleep deprived, we battled Jaundice and horrific stomach cramps. Yesterday while waiting my turn at the clinic, I sat next to a mom who was there with her 4 week old baby. When I asked her how it was going she burst into tears. I can SO sympathize with her. Despite not having given birth to AG, I’m pretty sure I battled some degree of PND and I almost started crying for this poor woman yesterday. No matter how much you longed for your baby, no matter how long you waited, nothing can ever prepare you for just how all consuming and overwhelmingly difficult those first few weeks are.

I discussed with the clinic sister yesterday AG’s night time sleep routine as she now on occasion sleeps right through from 7pm till 6am. The sister informed me that its very possible that AG is just waking up at night out of habit, something which I have suspected for a while. I’ve learned to distinguish between her cries, I know when she’s had a fright, when she’s in pain, when she’s hungry or when she’s just plain calling me. And the past couple of weeks, that night time cry has been her calling me and the second she hears me in her room, she stops. The sister suggested that instead of automatically making her a bottle, that I get up, quietly go into her room in the dark, turn her over, pop in her dummy, settle her and walk out again and see how that goes. I did it last night and she slept till 4:30am! So it definitely looks like we are in the process of cutting out that last night time feed.

We’ve been extremely fortunate with her night time routine. She’s definitely not a night owl and regardless of when we feed during the day, she gets very distressed and grumpy if she isn’t fed and in bed by 7pm. From 3 weeks old, she started dropping her one night time feed and she’s a good night time sleeper, only waking up for that one night time feed or not at all. I really hope this lasts.I know so many women who are still battling, still having to get up multiple times in the night to settle their babies, even after 9 or 10 months. I dread that we will revert to that, I’m not good without sleep!

Her day time sleeping is still not great, she’s averaging about 4 hours of sleep a day now. Usually she’ll go down for an hour after her first morning feed and then again for about 2 hours after her mid morning feed. The rest of the day she’ll cat nap when she needs to. To be honest, I’ve stopped reading all the mommy books and stopped trying to enforce extending sleeping on her. She clearly does not need it or want it and is still thriving.

She’s achieved all of the milestones a new baby should and she’s done a lot of them early. She smiled at 4 weeks, started giggling at 9 weeks. She can open and close her hands and hold things in them, bring her hands to her mouth to suck her thumb. When being held up right she drops her legs and makes walking motions. She can hold her head steady and when laid on her stomach pushes herself up on her forearms to have a look around. So she’s doing well, according to our pead, she’s “advanced for her age”, whatever that means, so we’re just leaving her to guide us.

Tomorrow she turns 10 weeks old and she’s become such a  pleasure. She smiles at EVERYONE she see’s, giggles if I pull faces or make funny noises, has these super long conversations with her toys and with me. When I talk to her, she talks straight back to me and its totally cute. In her own way, we can see how she tries to mimmick us.

I’ve had to pack away all her new born clothes as none of them fit and even the 0-3months are now starting to fit snuggley. While I am so in awe and excited to watch her grow and develop everyday, a part of me is also really sad that the time is passing so quickly and very soon our little baby is not going to be a little baby anymore!