This time last year we were packing our bags in preparation to fly to Cape Town to meet our birth mom. Today, we spent a day battling extreme sleep deprivation after a horrendous night last night. Crying, green, slimy snot and fevers spiking at 40.5. Up at 22h30, 23h30, 01h30. So we decided to bring our one year check up with the pead forward by a week and headed over today.

Thankfully Ava is doing much better this evening, she still has some snot but no more fever and aside from being a little off her food, she’s back to her old self.

I can’t believe my little baby is a year old already and gotten such a big girl! The Pead says she’s right on track for her fine and gross motor skill development and that she’s slightly ahead in terms of language development. She now weights in at 9.6kg’s, which according to his chart puts her in the 25 percentile and her height is 77cm, on  his charts putting her in the 75 percentile. Her weight gain has not charted as it should have but he has assured us that this is often seen in babies when they become very active.

The bad news is that she has a “tied tongue” but for now given that she’s had no problems drinking and no problems with language development, he’s not too concerned, we’ll reassess in a year or two and perhaps go ahead with the minor procedure to loosen the “tied tongue”.

The part I’m most excited about is NO MORE FORMULA!!! Woohoo. NO more bottle warmers. No more boiling kettles, no more mixing bottles, no more shopping around to find Novalac IT stage 2  (quite hard to come by). Instead, after discussion around her diet, the pead has suggested we switch her to full cream cows milk! Yippee!

Now I’m just praying for a good nights rest for us all so that we can enjoy the special party tomorrow!