I’ve blogged before about Ava and her best friend, Tristan. While both Ava & Tristan are popular children at school and have many friends, with him choosing to play with the boys & her choosing to play with the girls during free playtime at school, these two will ALWAYS seek each other out, preferring to be together. Play dates are simply not the same for either of them if the other is not there. Ava talks about Tristan all the time and I hear from Tristan’s mommy, that he does the same about Ava. When we have play dates together, this little guy literally sits on the side walk waiting for Ava to arrive and when he see’s our car pulling up, he starts dancing in excited anticipation for the arrival of his bestie.

Ava & Tristan 1


Watching their relationship develop has been so very very sweet. Ava and Tristan have known each other since they were 9 months old and started swimming together and then by a twist of fate, landing up in the same nursery school and in the same class where their friendship has blossomed. I’ve been told by Ava’s school teacher that Ava also does not like to share Tristan, when they play ring a ring a rosies or dance, she insists that no one else may dance with him except her.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all moonlight and roses either. These two, while they clearly adore each other, can also fight like cat and dog, with Ava always exerting her dominance over him. Tristan’s mom and I have become firm friends and we both have to stifling giggles constantly as we watch these two go from adoring each other to bickering like an old married couple.

These two little ones share a very special bond and it is heart-warming to watch as each of them go on individual journeys of self discovery while cultivating their special friendship. What has been most enlightening is watching how they have started to realize the difference between boys and girls and thereby the differences between the two of them.

The last few times we’ve had play dates together, it’s becoming more and more clear that they’re becoming more and more aware of the differences between them.

Last week, Kate and I were in fits of giggles at the exchange we witnessed between them. We were at our house and Ava was trying to get her bike up the step so they would ride together, the bike was obviously to heave for her, so Tristan, on noticing her struggle, came striding over like a big little macho man, took the bike from her and hoisted it up the steps, like a true gentleman helping a damsel in distress, she in return praised his manliness with the following exchange:

Ava: Tristan, you’re SO strong, you’re the strongest boy in the world! *strokes male ego*

Tristan: *flexing his muscles, ego suitably stroked* Yes, I am the strongest boy in the world!

Ava & Tristan 2


It will be interesting to see how their friendship develops as they both continue on their individual journeys of self discovery!