Adoption is a very special thing and the babies from adoption are miracles of a very special kind. They give hope to the hopeless. Just like we were inspired by our friends Charne & Noel to adopt after they bought their baby girl home after a 15 month wait, so to was our precious Ava and our story a source of inspiration for many others to pursue the miracle that is adoption.

One such person is Chopper, she contacted me shortly after Ava’s birth and we corresponded for a while and I shared my views and experiences of adoption with her. Our conversation ended with her asking for our Social Workers details and off her and her husband went for all the assessments and tests and screening, in the hope that they too could be blessed by the miracle of adoption.

Well, their miracle is unfolding as we speak. They received that beautiful call yesterday, informing them that they’d been selected by a birth mom and that their baby daughter would be born on Monday, 12th July!

God is good! Miracles happen all the time! I read something on my friend Sian’s blog that had a profound effect on me, mostly because I believe it encapsulates so well exactly what adoption is and what adoption does… she said…. “Don’t limit the miracle”.

Congrats Chopper, to you and your husband. You believed, even when the going got tough, you hung in there and you never limited your miracle and now you’re embarking on the greatest roller coaster ride of your life!