Since starting out on this journey and living through some of the worst case scenario’s that are possible when one battles infertility, I’ve always felt that this journey was going to change my life in someway. And of course it has changed my life, its changed me. And of course it would change anyone, but this isn’t the only changes  I think about.

Its just an instinct and I don’t know when or how or what yet, but I feel like my journey will change the direction my life has taken, that an opportunity is going to present itself somewhere along the line for me to do something greater with my experience of infertility, something that will help others, something that will mean something. I don’t know if this is making any sense, I don’t really understand it myself, its just an instinct, a feeling, but as a result, I always have my eyes peeled for whatever this opportunity is.

So last night Sam & I continued on the the tradition we’ve started, whenever one of our IF buddies receives bad news, we rally around them, organize flowers or something similar and then we have a get together, the two of us with who ever has received bad news, sadly last night, it was Sian’sturn. We then offer our pearls of wisdom/assvice, depending on how you look at it and assist in helping the poor soul get comfortably sozzled. Last night, the attempt included 3 bottles of wine, 1x Tequila and 3x Jelly Baby Shots. It was during this session that I came up with a fantastic idea….

Why are Sam & I offering this service for free when we could create a revenue stream from it!!! After some discussion, we decided on the following:

You would need to pay a Registration fee, to join the Mojito Club. Once your application to the club was approved, you would then pay a month membership fee. Then when experiencing a rough patch along your IF journey, you would call in the two presidents of the Mojito Club, you could pick a gift from a list of gifts, including wine, cheese baskets, flowers or chocolates as well as a venue for the get together. Said two presidents would arrive at the venue of your choice, bringing with the gift you’ve chosen. All drinks at the event would of course be paid for by yourselves. After presentation of your complimentary gift, President Sam would dazzle you with her humour and have you laughing and President Shaz would be there as the shoulder to cry on and also to share in the tears given who incredible talent to cry on demand. All of this while enjoying the drinks for your account. However, we do guarantee the following:

* loads of assvice

* a good laugh

* a good cry

* an escape even just for a short while

* a few photo’s of the event, potentially also including a celeb of some sort

* and most importantly the mother of all hang overs the following day!

Last night, we did yet another fantastic job, both President Sam and President Shaz are in recovery today and Sian is suitably hung over after a fabulous night out. We had just a blast that after some dutch courage, and attempting to act cool when noticing Brian Habana in the very same restaurant, we convinced President Sam to head on over and ask for a photo with the rugby hero, here are the fruits of the evening:

Brian with Mojito Club

For enquiries into membership of the Mojito Club, please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Now head on over and go give Sian a hug.