One of the hardest lesson’s that both Walter and I have had to learn since becoming parents is the importance of having time away from Ava, just the two of us, or with adult friends. It’s really hard to leave her for an adult evening out and while we always look forward to kicking back and enjoying some grown up time, both of us almost always feel guilty about it.

But with time, it’s something we’ve gotten better and better at doing and now we make an effort to at least once a month, plan adult time without Ava.

This past weekend we planned an overnight grown up’s evening out with some friends. I’d been so looking forward to it for week’s but must admit that when it came time for us to leave, I almost didn’t want to go, on account of how Ava was crying that she wanted to come with us. But we kissed her goodbye, told her we loved her and would see her soon and off we went for an overnight stay at Emperors Palace.

We started out at Hooters which was an interesting experience. I was mostly astounded by the number of people who took their young children and babies into the smoking section! But it it was lots of fun and good for a laugh! We had planned on taking in an afternoon nap, as you do when you have young children, because that is the one thing that I miss the most from weekends during our years being childless. But of course, the fun found us and so that never happened!

After showering and changing in record time, we were back in time for our 6pm dinner reservation followed by the main evening… the OMD concert! Which was really fantastic! Despite the band members all now being well into their 50’s, they came out on stage, ordered everyone out of their seats and we literally danced and sang our lungs out for two hours! I thought I only knew a handful of OMD songs but it turns out they are such icons of 80’s music that  I found myself singing along to, jumping, dancing and clapping with every song! They played all of their big hits including Enola Gay, Joan of Arc, 7 Sea’s, Electric and my most favorite son of theirs, Locomotion!
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I was and remain such a huge fan if 80’s electro pop! The concert was fantastic!
After the concert we headed back to Hooters to continue the fun and finally fell into bed at around 1am! The best part about staying over was knowing that no one had to remain responsible, we could all have a fabulous evening and we got to sleep until 9am the next morning!
It was a great night out with great friends and the perfect way to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary which is coming up on Thursday.
I still struggle with feelings of guilt over leaving Ava but I have learnt that these times are so very important for both Walter and I and for caring for our marriage and remembering that even though we are now parents, we are still the people we once were before the responsibility of parenting our much loved child.