This past weekend was a pretty boring one. What with Hannah being so sick with Pneumonia and needing to be held, 24/7, I spent the weekend at home with her and shipped Walter and Ava off, first to Ava’s cousins on Saturday and then off to the movies on Sunday with her bestie, Tristan, to see Smurfs 2.

It would seem I have discovered the perfect form of torture/punishment for Walter for future reference. You see, he has never taken Ava to the movies before. So 2x almost 4 year olds and one husband at the movies = torture for Walter!


To make matters worse, Smurfs 2 is a 3D movie!


When I asked him how it went, his response: TERRIBLE with a capital T! When I asked why he said it’s because he’d spent the entire time in the cinema responding to Ava & Tristan’s various needs, whether it was refereeing fights over who liked Astro’s and who didn’t, why Tristan doesn’t like chocolate and Ava does, telling them to put their 3D glasses on or explaining to them that the reason why they can’t see the damn screen is that they’d removed their glasses for the 100th time. In between that, he was crawling on the floor of the cinema using his cell phone for light, searching for a pair of 3D glasses that had fallen on the floor while one of them (sans glasses) whined about how they couldn’t see the movie or visiting the toilets because as varying times during the hour they were in the cinema, each one of them needed the toilet about 3 times at different intervals.

In the end they left the movie before it had even ended to go for lunch at Wimpy instead.

They’re going to the movies again on Friday, this time with Tristan’s mommy… wonder if she’ll have better luck!