Mom’s, You’re Doing Just Fine!

I’ve done it! I bet you have too? 

Yelled at your kids and told them to just shut up?

I bet some of you are brave enough to admit that you’ve even told your kids to get out of your face at times? Am I right? 

I’ll go first, yes I have!

And you know what, I’m ok with it too. It is great behavior? NO! But in the interests of being real, I’ll admit to it.

I shout at my kids more often than I’d like to admit to. I lose my patience, my temper and my sense of humor when my name has been called MOM MOM MOM 3752 times before breakfast.

Parenting is hard. Young children are egomaniac, narcissists. It’s how they survive, it’s also how they drive us crazy. It doesn’t matter if I’m taking a nap, doing some work, or recovering from illness. When they need me, they need me and as their mother, it’s my responsibility to be there, even when it irritates me, breaks my patience or temps my temper.

It’s what we do.

Being a mother is not always easy but it’s also NEVER perfect so cut yourself some slack! 

We live in a world where we’re all trying to put our best foot forward all the time. We’re bombarded by images of perfect family photo shoots, perfect family outings and perfect family meals. When the reality is anything but perfect.

We’re all so afraid of showing less than perfection. We never show the 20 outtakes it took to get that perfect family photo, or the food that landed up on the floor during a family meal. We never show the tantrums (and I’m not talking about our kids here) or the tears, our own, not our children’s.

A friend confided in me recently how she feels so guilty about her mothering. How she often wants to and sometimes does tell her children to shut up or keep quiet, how she feels she never has enough time or enough energy to play morewith her kids. 

Well hello, you can sit with me!

In fact, join all us mom’s, doing our best, sometimes failing, sometimes crying, always sometimes shouting. We’re not perfect, we’re human and we’re not raising perfect children either.

You’re doing ok! And unless you are a truly heinous person, guess what? Your kids are doing ok too!

Hang in there Mom’s!

Now, pass the wine!

Disclaimer - no children were hurt/offended or shouted at during the writing of this post!


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