On Sunday, Walter and I attended the Parklife Festival at Marks Park, with some of our friends! It was a great, kid-free day out. The festival started early, but we got there at around 12h30, with our umbrella’s, sunscreen, camping chairs, snacks and sun block – like good responsible adults. While the festival is promoted as a family friendly day out, and it really is, the majority of attendees were students.

The music was fabulous and the festival was being headlined by Seether, one of my all time fav bands, I’ve been a fan from back in the day when they were still known as Saron Gas and before they moved to America where they became an international sensation. So we were all really excited to be there and to see them.


The bulk of the afternoon was spent lounging in our camp chairs, people watching! And it was fascinating. Here are a couple of my Tweets from the day:

Parklife2 Parklife3 Parklife4

Here are some of my other musings from the day:

Dear younger self, you don’t need to conform, you’re pretty cool just as you are! Embrace yourself for who you are and don’t try to fit into anyone else’s standards of cool. I saw way too many people, girls especially trying to fit in by conforming to other people’s standards instead of being themselves!

Tattoo’s are cool…. if they’re done by a professional, don’t just get a tattoo for the sake of having one, saw some really amazing and some really appalling tattoo’s on the day. Most of the younger folk had really really bad ones, that you can see they are going to regret one day!

Drunk people, you look really stupid! Drunk girls, it’s not safe to be that drunk and alone at a music festival! Saw tons of people making absolute asses of themselves. One girl in particular who was so drunk she tripped herself and fell out of her own shoes! I kept thinking – I hope that’s not one of my daughters one day!

I’m clearly a grown up. Instead of arriving at the music festival with sachets of shooters stashed in my bra and sucking on a “pap sak”, we arrived with umbrella’s, chairs and even sun block.

Wear sunblock, fry now, pay later, there were way too many people walking around looking like they had lobster legs!

Its been many many years since I’ve attended a music festival, I loved the diversity of cultures and I especially loved seeing so many mixed race couples, times have changed and this makes me happy and gives me hope for my two special girls.

Parklife was an awesome festival, the line up was amazing and the festival was well organized! Clean portable toilets with running water for hand washing, no long queues for drinks and food, easily accessible parking and good security. We’ll definitely attend it again next year!