Baby_boy_3_month_oldHave I told you this before? I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I’m going to be the mother of a son. I’d love a daughter, I think I’d make a great girls Mom. I love all the cutesy/citch pink things for girls, but I can say with a fair amount of conviction that I’m going to be the mother of a son. Its been confirmed for me three times. I must sound like a total loon but bare with me, these are precious moments I’m going to share. The third confirmation came today from quite an unlikely source, so let me explain.

The first confirmation came to me in the form of a dream I had, I already shared this with you all sometime ago, you can go here to read all the details. I did leave one thing out when I shared the details of this dream and that is that when the artist handed me the baby, I looked down and saw that it was a boy baby.

The second confirmation also came in the form of a dream about 3 years ago. A close friend had given birth to a baby after 10 years of battling infertility. I’d gone to visit her in the maternity ward and watched as she tried to learn how to breast feed. I left having a tremendous sense of longing and sadness over our extended battle with infertility. That night I had a dream, a very very vivid dream, it was way more than your average dream. It felt totally real and I was actually shocked when I woke up to discover it had in fact been a dream. I was sitting in my lounge at home, in front of the TV in one of our leather arm chairs. I had this weird sensation coming from my left breast, like nothing I could describe, I looked down and saw that I was breast feeding a baby boy, all bundled up and wrapped in a blue blanket, all I could see what the side of his face and his bald head. But somehow he looked familiar, there was a familiarity about the way he looked, he looked like the boy baby I’d seen in my previous dream all those years ago. I just knew it was God asking me to be patient for just a little longer, that this dream would be fulfilled too, he was showing me what he had planned for me.

The third confirmation came this morning from CeCe. She caught my attention on FaceBook for a chat quickly this morning, said she had dreamt about me and needed to tell me something, she asked me how I felt about boys? She told me that she dreamt she was wrapping a baby shower gift for me (Ce’s, correct me if I have some of the details wrong here, but I’m still blown away by what you told me this am) it was spring time and she was wrapping blue nappy covers to send to me and that she believed it was a message/confirmation of what was planned. This is the same CeCe who told me that she has this strong feeling that my day was coming soon, the same CeCe who wrote my unborn baby the most beautiful letter.

So I’ve had three confirmations that God is planning a boy child for W and I. The most ironic part of all, or perhaps is the final confirmation is that when W and I have discussed our child, we’ve also spoken of a him, always, despite how many times I’ve spoken of pink bedrooms and butterflies and princesses, our unborn child has always been referred to as a He. I also know what he will be called, I’ve known from the day that I had my very first dream about him, I’ve known what he will be called, I don’t know why these two names keep coming to me but they do, over and over and over again. Every time W tries to convince me of another name, I always come back to these two names.

My son will be called Jonathan or James.