I’ve written before about how totally different Ava & Hannah are. I am still astounded by the extent of how different they are! One of the biggest differences is in their eating habits. Ava is not an eater. I’ve had to wage a war against her non-eating habits, but that’s a separate blog post and one I’ll share on how we’re slowly winning the war, for another day. Hannah on the other hand is an eater. Oh boy does she like to eat and she has the Kim K butt, thunder thighs & cellulite to prove it.

Last week was our scheduled clinic visit…. erm… if Hannah were a teen, she’d be mortified! In one month, she went from just over 5kg’s to….. 7.53kg’s! Her weight & height now put her at the average size of a female baby ages SIX MONTHS… she just turned 4 months! The sister says she is a little over weight but not to panic just yet.

Hannah 4 months

Ava’s clinic visits were almost always about how she was gaining weight too slowly, she was always a skraal baby. Long and skinny, Hannah, it would seem is the opposite. While she’s also tall, she’s clearly not having the same weight issues or food issues as Ava had and while introducing solids and feeding her is a pleasure because of this, it also brings with it a whole bunch of other worries.  As an over weight adult myself, I really don’t want my children to battle with the same weight issues that I have.

One month between these two photo’s and you can see the difference!

Hannah 3 to 4 months

If she carries on this way, pretty soon I won’t be able to just keep calm & carry her!

Hannah Keep Calm