My Back To School Must Have’s

This year, I have two children of school going age. Hannah is at playschool, Ava is in Grade R. Here’s the thing though.. that is a ton of clothing, shoes, books, stationary, broeks, swimming costumes, swimming caps, juice bottles, water bottles, lunch boxes and bags that have to be labelled!

And I’m a lazy Mom! I am. There I said it. But I’m also a pedantic mom. I want my kid to have nice neat labels on their clothes and stationary but I’m too lazy to use iron on’s or, God forbid, sew on’s and my handwriting is so revoltingly illegible that I can’t bare to see my ugly scrawl marking my kids clothes and possessions either.

Since Ava started school a few years ago, I’ve been searching for the perfect marking, labeling solutions for the various, bags, books, stationary and clothing. And this year I think I have my 3 favorite’s to share with you.

Bare in mind, no labeling solution is ever going to be perfect, I mean, if someone wants to steal your shit, they’re going to but these have been the best I could come up with because I refuse to use a permanent marker or laundry pen, no just no.

First off, Tailored Tags! What a find!

Tailored Tags


My stamps for Ava and Hannah arrived yesterday, along with laundry ink and permanent ink and it’s quick and simple to use and a whole lot neater than a permanent marker! Last night I started stamping their clothes and was surprised by how easy it was and how quickly the ink dried.

Tailored Tags 1


I’ve used the laundry ink on all their clothes and the permanent ink on plastics and rubbers like swimming caps. I also liked the fact that where I had stamped directly onto the clothing, the ink did not bleed through.

While not cheap, I thought this was a great, long term and neat option:

Price List
Clothing Labels – Ink Stamp:
1 x ink set @ R245 plus 1 x stamp @ R250 eachR495
1 x ink set @ R245 plus 2 x stamps @ R220 eachR685
1 x ink set @ R245 plus 3 x stamps @ R190 eachR815
Orders of more than three stamps will cost R190 per stamp.

You can order your Tailored Tags here:

The second company I adore is It’s Mine! They’ve been a firm favorite of ours for a few years now.

Its Mine

Their starter packs are great value for money and I always buy one of these a year.

Over 200 labels for just R289.00 excl Vat
Great Value !

A little of everything to get you started !

This pack includes:
30 Large Vinyl Labels, 60 Small Vinyl labels, 60 Pencil Labels, 20 Shoe Labels, 40 Iron-ons and 1 Bag Tag

My favorites and most used are the Bag Tag’s, shoe labels and the large vinyl labels which are waterproof and fantastic on juice bottles and lunch boxes. Their website is super user friendly and in no time at all, you can design and order your fully customized labels.

Lastly,  my life saving purchase this year was a label machine. BEST THING EVER! I ran out of stationary labels and of course, as schools do, we had very short notice to get all the stationary labelled and returned and was in a panic about how I was going to label the balance of all Ava’s stationary. Then someone online mentioned that I get a label maker and boy oh boy, after I started playing around with this amazing little machine…. I just wanted to label ALL THE THINGS! I did get a little ahead of myself and will give you these tips:

  • Read the instructions! I didn’t & accidentally set the label length too wide, I printed about 5 labels that were about 30cm in length!
  • Don’t get soo excited about your label maker that you hit print before you’ve done a spell check! I printed 5 labels before I noticed that I’d misspelled Ava’s name as Ava-Gace!
  • The tape refills are expensive so don’t be a terd like I was above!

I bought mine as a starter pack from Marko, you can order it online too but I see they don’t have the same model as the one I’ve got, see here:

Label Maker

P.S. this is not in any way, shape, or form, a sponsored post, just a few products I really liked that I thought you might like too!


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