My Cotlands Visit With Twinsaver Luxury

On Wednesday, Twinsaver Luxury invited me to join a media team at Cotlands in Turfontein for a play date with Sam Cowen and Anele Mdoda for the introduction of the & Tugo into the Cotlands Toy Libraries.

A few weeks ago, Twinsaver Luxury had sent me a Tugo set to try out and both Ava and Walter (the engineer) loved it! They spent ages playing with it and creating with it. TuGo is a construction set designed to help educate children through fun and creativity. The toy set aids early development by encouraging children to use their imaginations by piecing together waste products like cores, cling wrap and foil.

Tugo Collage

In South Africa only 20% of children have access to structured early childhood learning toys and as a result, Cotlands opened 6 Active Learning Toy Libraries across the country. An Active Learning Toy Library is a community service that provides children, their families, community caregivers and Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners’ access to a collection of educational play materials or toys. These facilities are open to members of the public including families of children with and without special needs, ECD centres and schools. The main focus is on education and early development, and since opening across the country has allowed Cotlands play facilitators to offer playgroups in communities where children are not accessing any form of early childhood stimulation.

Cotlands Toy Library

I was really moved and inspired by the Cotlands Toy Library and actually a little disgusted and humbled by it all. Ava has a play room the size of the toy library we visited, filled with toys that she almost NEVER plays with. And here I was standing in a toy library, the size of her play room, filled with toys that would not serve one child but an entire community of children!

I was so moved & inspired by the work that Cotlands are doing that I have subscribed to a monthly SMS where I will be donating R20 to Cotlands monthly.

Cotlands SMS


There are other ways that you can get involved and help too! One such way is through their Twinsaver Luxury on pack promotion. Consumers can enter the competition by simply smsing the unique code found on the inside of the pack to 34811. With each entry into the competition, Twinsaver Luxury will donate TuGo blocks to the Cotlands Toy Libraries. Or alternatively one can make a monetary donation, by simply SMSing COTLANDS to 38810. The SMS will be charged at R10 and proceeds will go to Cotlands.

Some interesting facts about Tugo:

In 2007 CEO of TuGo Abel Chetty’s son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADD inhibits a child from concentrating for long periods of time, which proves to be challenging in classroom environments. Coupled with his wife, Chetty came to the decision to put in place a strategy to help him overcome some of the challenges associated with the condition. The result was the creation of an educational toy set which in turn has also motivated Twinasver Luxury to join forces and assist Chetty in changing the lives of all our children.

Proudly South African company, TuGo, also ranked in the top 20 of the world’s top innovative and entrepreneurial companies in a global innovation ‘Dragon’s Den’ Pitching competition  this week.

Look out for Tugo at a toy retailer near you. It really is a fantastic educational for your child that is also making a difference in our communities!

Tugo Anele

Tugo Child

Tugo Child 1

Tugo Team

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