Ava is 8. Sometimes, actually often times, I am left utterly astounded by her emotional maturity! 

Meet Cowee

Ava has had him since she was a newborn. He was a gift request from her birth mother, whose favorite animal is cows.

Coming Out

Ava has always loved Cowee. So this week her class was required to prepare and present a speech at school on their favorite toy and she insisted on talking about Cowee. 

Kids can be cruel, I’m sure it’s not intentional, but they don’t have a filter and can’t react in ways that are hurtful to others, in situations they may not understand. So I was worried about Ava talking about Cowee at school because I knew her classmates would have questions. Previously when some of her friends have found out she’s adopted, they’ve not reacted well and she has often been hurt and upset by their responses. 

She talks very openly at home about her tummy mummy and the other day we asked her if she’d told her best friend that she was adopted/had a tummy mummy. Her response:

NO! I don’t think Tee is ready for that!

Coming out to her class.

So on Monday, after I had really double and triple checked with her that this is something she wanted to do, I briefed her teacher and sent her to school with her beloved Cowee, where she gave her speech, to the entire class, about how Cowee is 8 years old, he was a gift from her tummy mummy and the reason that she loves Cowee so much is because she loves and misses her tummy mummy.

Her teacher informed me her speech went well. She was confident and covered all her points. The class responded well, they were naturally curious and asked her lots of questions about what a tummy mummy is and what it means to have one and she answered them all. Bravely, calmly, confidently.

I am so proud you guys.

This girl, she’s going to be a game changer! She has the spirit of a lion.