I really wanted to have a quiet day for my birthday this year. It was both Fathers Day and my birthday and so Walter and I decided on a quiet day for our little family of four. There was only one thing that I really wanted to do on the day and that was go to what has become one of my favorite places in Jozi … Emmarentia Dam and go walking with our girls.

I love Emmarentia dam and the botanical gardens, its beautiful in ways that only Jozi can be beautiful and I always have this feeling that we are somewhere else in the world. Yesterday, while looking at all the people picnicking, flying kites, riding bikes, running and playing ball, it felt like we were in Central Park in New York.


Ava loves going because we always take a loaf of bread to feed the ducks and geese.


And I just love going there because it’s so beautiful, even in the middle of a dry Jozi winter. Yesterday we did a full circle walk which took about an hour and a half and it was so gorgeous. Ava ran herself ragged in all the wide open space and Hannah enjoyed the views from the warmth and comfort out my baby wrap. The sun was shining, but it was cold so we all wrapped up warm but it was just so beautiful.




And halle-freaking-lujah for an iPhone and my husbands ability to finally take a decent photo of me… or rather should I say Instagram’s ability to edit his photo’s! Look at these gorgeous shots he took of me with my girls yesterday!



So the next time you’re at a loss of what to do, head on out to Emmarentia dam,with you walking shoes and your camera and enjoy a beautiful day out!