One of Ava’s most striking physical characteristics are her eyes. It’s one of her characteristics that people always focus on and always comment on. I’ve been told she’s an old soul, wise beyond her years, that when you look into the depths of her eyes it’s like she knows a secret the rest of us have yet to learn, people who believe in such things say she’s an Indigo child, she’s been called mysterious, intelligent and highly intuitive. Look at those eyes!


So why am I telling you this?

Because sometimes its easy to underestimate the depths of her understanding, sometimes I forget how spiritually in touch she is, how very very intuitive she is but this morning, while on our way to school, she reminded me.

I was sitting in the passenger seat, Walter was driving and she was sitting in her car seat behind Walter. Out of the blue, we had this exchange:

Ava – Mommy you’re MY Momma

Me – Yes my darling, I’m your Momma

Ava – And you’re by BEST friend!

Me – Yes my love, I am your best friend!

*reaching behind me to hold her hand I turned to look at her and she was staring at me intently*

Ava – I love you soooo much!

Me – I love you sooo much too my love!

Ava – Mommy, don’t be sad any more!

My little girl knows something is up, she knows something has happened. She may not be talking about it, but in her wisdom, she knows.

That exchange, coupled with her behaviour over the past week, which has included hitting, pushing and biting her best friend has led to our decision to take her to a play therapist. That and our SW from Procare has also recommended that we do so, just to ensure that she really is ok, we’ve also been encouraged to talk openly to her about what happened last week and to create an environment for her where she knows that at any time, it’s ok for her to talk about or ask about Baby K.

On a side note – the way her mind works amazes me some times. Last night Walter was telling her that she has such cute leggies he’s going to eat them up. Her response:

No Daddy! You can’t eat my legs cos then I won’t be able to walk!