So I had my follow up appointment with my RE today and we’ve worked out our plan going forward. I have very mixed emotions, I’m a little bit nervous but also quite excited and a whole bunch of other stuff all mixed in between.

The long and the short of it is that because of my age and because its been 2 years since I was last pregnant, we’re not wasting any time, and we’re going for the big guns – IVF. This will be my first IVF with Dr G at Vitalab but from what I’ve heard from all my IF friends, I’m quite confident (I know me, who would have guessed it) of a positive outcome. 😉 He spent almost an hour with W and I today, reviewing my file, including notes from my previous IVF’s at my previous clinic and we’ve put together a plan of action.

My first thought was that I don’t want to be doing an IVF over the Festive Season, in the next two months, W and I have two exciting weekends away and a two week holiday in Cape Town. Not to mention two year end functions and countless other parties to attend. And I do not want to be spending my time at all these exciting events worrying about when its time for my next injection or if my over indulgance, because lets face it I am GOING to indulge myself, is doing damage to my egg quality etc for the IVF cycle. So in the words of the great Dr G, from his lips to God’s ears, we will try naturally for the next two cycles, no scans, no meds, no intervention what so ever and maybe just maybe we’ll get our miracle we’ve waited so long for.

If not, I’ll start birth control pills approximatley mid December and then we’ll start with the down regulation using Lucrin and start stimming with a combination of Gonals and Luveris shots. Its just over a year since my last IVF, but I’m hoping for good stimming results as I produc a fair amount of eggs on my previous attempts.

I have also shared my fears with Dr G re. my horrible experience during my last egg retrieval and he has assured me that because of the combination of meds they use at VL I will not have the same experience again. Which does make me feel a whole lot less anxious about the entire procedure.

So that’s that then. I guess after months of trying to avoid it, I’m fully back in the saddle so to speak. I know there are a bunch of us from VL who will all be cycling together and I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of that as well, at last count it would be Roz, Sam, Dee and myself all going together in Jan!

So now I start with all the other little goodies I ALWAYS do in preparation for an IVF. Watching what I eat, getting in shape and mentally preparing myself. It actually all feels quite good, I’m feeling very positive about my plan of action and I’m really working hard at believing in a positive outcome, after all I’m long over due for a miracle! 😉