For some reason I have this very strong feeling that Baby van Wyk will be with us very soon. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s just wishful thinking? Perhaps its because we’ve already been waiting more than a year and with each day that passes we move another day closer. Or perhaps it’s simply because emotionally, spiritually and physically we are more ready that we have ever been. My marriage to my beloved is stronger than it’s been at any point in the 10 years of our marriage and 12 years together, we have weathered a massive storm that nearly ripped us apart and we came through it, stronger, more in love and more confident in our love and commitment to each other than ever before. So what does EVERY expectant Mom do? Well, duh, shopping for course. The thing is, with Ava’s placement, it all happened so quickly and I was SO gun shy from my past history with recurrent pregnancy loss, that I’d guarded my heart to such a degree that all I managed to buy for her when we were first told of our selection was a packet of vests and a hat. I was clueless. I never read up on any products, had no idea what to pack in her hospital bag, which products to get.  I knew nothing. Of course, we have a LOT of stuff for Baby van Wyk, but all of it is either pink or second/third hand, thanks to everyone who so graciously donated goodies to us. So we’ll be needing some new or newer second hand goodies when Baby van Wyk arrives. I’ve done a lot more research this time around and here are some of the things I’d just LOVE to have for Baby van Wyk:

Tiny Love® 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

Your Parenting have a competition running where you can win one of these!
Wrap Cover
I had one of these with Ava and it was an absolute life saver. I plan on doing a lot more baby wearing with Baby van Wyk so will have to get another one of these as my old one has since been used by another 4 precious newborns and I’m pretty sure it’s pretty threadbare by now!
A Rocking Chair
Tree House Rocking Chair
I always wanted a rocking chair, I envisioned quiet moments rocking my baby to sleep or doing a feed. Of course, Ava came along so quickly and we had nothing for her, so we had to prioritize what she needed and a rocking chair kind of fell by the wayside. During the difficult night’s and days, when I did need to rock her, I sat on Walter’s leather office chair and rocked but this time I’d love to have a beautiful rocking chair in Baby van Wyk’s room.
MAM Bottles
MAM Bottles
I have loads of bottles. Again, when Ava was born, there was no time to research anything. We literally just ran into Baby City and bought a variety. The NUK bottles she hated, she simply wouldn’t take the teet, the Avent bottles were awesome, but if you don’t turn the top just right it leaks, too tight, it leaks, too loose, it leaks and this was maddening during a late night/early morning feed.
I’d love to try these MAM bottles because I love the fact that they are equipped to be self sterilizing, so no need for an additional purchase of a sterilizer.
MAM self sterilising
I used these with Ava and they were amazing. Not only for keeping her skin dry and soft, but also for absorbing wet poo. We’ll definitely be using Pampers Premium Care the second time around.
And lastly, a must have for me – A Kindle!
amazon-kindle-4-6-2012-edition-wifi-only (1)
So that I can continue to read and enjoy a good book while wearing Baby van Wyk and rocking in our rocking chair.
What is on your must have for Mom & baby list?