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New readers of The Blessed Barrenness may not know that aside from being a total blog-addict, my real passion is working as an adoption advocate for people who have walked a similar path to parenthood as I did. My real passion project is Trinity Heart .

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Adoption has been a our greatest gift after a very long, painful struggle with infertility. And through our experience and this blog, I have been honoured to be apart of so many families being created via the gift of adoption.  As I started receiving more and more requests for assistance from childless/infertile couples and singles, so my desire to assist others, in some small way on their alternative journey to parenthood has grown and grown and that is how Trinity Heart was started. As a small idea that has grown into something so much bigger than me. I am so excited about this project and have been thrilled by how well it has been received, not only by people looking to adopt but by our South African social workers as well.

The Trinity Heart blog features guest posts and fascinating articles that cover every aspect of adoption, including articles like  how to breast feed an adopted baby, alternative forms of bonding and feeding an adopted baby, success stories and information on transracial adoptions.

The site also has a resource portal where interested parties can find information from finding a social worker, how the adoption process works and tips on creating an adoption profile.  There is also a small but steadily grown support forum for all, whether starting out with the process to parenting post adoption.

So if you are considering adoption or know someone battling infertility and considering adoption, please tell them about Trinity Heart.

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Our precious gift at one day old. Everyone should get to experience the joy and love of parenthood, no matter the journey it takes to get there.




  • Juanita

    October 10, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Trinity Heart made such a huge difference in my life. From feeling very isolated being on this wonderful but somewhat lonely journey that we are on, to feeling empowered by reading about and connecting with other people also waiting for their babies to come home and learning such a lot from those who have already gone through the experience. Thanks Sharon! xxx


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