Next step engaged in my #fatgirlslim journey

Go Health Club opened their first club at Northview shopping center on Friday. The timing for me sucked, I’ve been battling with a cold/flu for more than a week so I was sooo disappointed to miss out on the opening weekend. But I finally managed to get in a work out at the new club this morning.



And collect my free Happy.Me squeezy bottle and GO Health lanyard.


The club is REALLY pretty! It’s been about 6 years since I last set foot in a gym but I really enjoy the look and feel of the Go Health club’s. The design is fresh and the layout practical and beautiful with all the modern amenities.


I didn’t do too much at the gym this morning, it was more about finding my way around the club and figuring out how all the technology worked. But I did manage to get in a 3km run and some rowing.


As soon as I input my key into the treadmill it picked up who I was and was ready to start me on my run. This was the same throughout the gym on all the equipment, thanks to their amazing app.


You can get the app at Apple’s App store or Google play and the best part is that it tracks your activity both inside and outside the club.

If group training is more your thing, you can also use the app to check our the group training schedules.

Group Training


I’m quite keen to try out the Go Fit classes. I think these will suite me best, both the 30 minute time allocations and also aim of the class, check it out:

Our GO Fit 30-minute floor-based program is designed to get you stronger, more ripped and fitter with each session. Using the latest functional equipment, your GO Fit coach will help you challenge what you thought you were capable of, physically and mentally.

So here we go…. #fatgirlslim Phase 2 engaged!

Don’t forget, you can join the GoHealth Northview club in May for the introductory offer of only R259 PM.

Club Membership sponsored by Go Health Club



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