So finally, my BFN is confirmed, after a day of hope and emotions being swung all over the place. Finally everything came crashing down. After my frantic sms and email to my RE yesterday morning, he contacted me to say they were running an E2 and Progesterone test to establish what was happening as it was too early to be experiencing bleeding.

After allowing hope a foot back in the door, my RE called yesterday evening to confirm that my E2 levels were way down and that my Progesterone was down to a count of only 7. He believes this is a clear indication that my body is switching off its absorption of the medication, apparently, something which can happen in a small percentage of women, as my Progesterone count is low enough to indicate that my body has not been absorbing the Crinone in at least the last few days. This is a repeated pattern with me, during timed cycles, IUI’s and IVF’s, AF is never delayed, its always slightly early or bang on time. I’m on CD28 today and have full bleeding.

The solution? We’ll discuss further in my follow up appointment next Friday, but for now Dr G feels that we need to consider doing ONLY injectables as support during the next round, so both my Progesterone and Estrogen supplements will be given via an intramuscular injection, sorry W, but thats one injection I can’t do myself so you’ll have to do it for me.

When will the next round be? Honestly, I don’t know, I’m too heart broken to think about that right now.