What do you see?


Yesterday, I happened to view my Instagram feed which gives a fairly one sides snap shot of my life in pictures and it got me thinking about what we show of ourselves online and how one sides that can often be, with that in mind, I tweeted this:


The reply’s I received were interesting with those who engaged with this tweet agreeing that pretty much was how they would sum me up, given what they know about me. A woman who loves wine, always has perfectly polished nails and perfectly cute children.

And once again this got me thinking about how people perceive us from what we portray online, from what we choose to reveal about ourselves.

You can only see what I choose to let you see. You don’t see my husband and I bickering or arguing, or my crying snotty baby, or me scraping poop skidmarks out my kids underpants or my chipped nail polish or my bed head that rivals a Billy Idol wild style when I wake up the morning. You don’t see selfies of me flashing my fat rolls or my tired, unmade up eyes. You don’t see my self doubt, my self consciousness, you don’t really see the essence of me, you only see what I let you see.

Cupcake Mummy and I started chatting about this and in the process discovered that were were both struggling with similar issues that we don’t reveal online and the idea of declaring 1st November as #nofilterday was born.

The idea is that on 1st November we will be Instagramming images that show the parts of our lives we wouldn’t normally show online, the less glamorous parts of our lives, the images that are far less likely to receive likes and applause or have anyone looking at it in envy. I may even post a pic of myself without make up on, lets see how brave I am! Just as a side note, I ONCE came to work without make up on, about 6 years ago, I was sick at the time and had only planned to pop into the office for an hour so decided not to bother. Big mistake… HUGE! We had a student driver who needed to run an errand for me and when I looked up from my notes to issue his instructions he jumped back in horror and went: “Uuuuugggghhhhllll… what the hell is wrong with you???”

Needless to say I have NEVER EVER come to work without make up ever again!

So how brave are you? Are you willing to participate in #nofilterday on the 1st November and reveal more of who you really are and not just what you’d have the world believe your online persona to be?

Are you brave enough???