The courier has left my office with a very precious flyer of documentation – all of the paperwork for our second adoption attempt. It’s all done now. It’s taken ages to complete and for what reason, I’m unsure. I’ve just really lacked the motivation to complete the paperwork.

Now for the really hard part, the part we have not experienced before… the waiting!

And I’m dreading it. The closer we got to getting our paperwork completed, the more excited and motivated I got to completing it.

Now, there is nothing to do except wait. Nothing to do except hope and pray and dream about the day our second miracle is realized. Nothing to do except make a monthly phone call to our social worker.

Now that the paperwork part is completed, now the desire for another child seems to have multiplied. The desire to see Ava with a sibling has started to grow like a dull ache inside.

Sunday morning snuggles!

I’m excited. I’m hopeful. But I also feel hopeless and at the mercy of whatever may lie ahead. I’m just so very grateful to be feeling this way with our second attempt and not having had to experience this the first time around because at least this time around my focus remains on Ava which does lessen the burden of waiting.

For now I’ll just dream about what may be lying ahead….

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