There they are! My 2x five day old babies. How incredible is that? I must admit, I always think this is one of the very special things that an IVF offers, how many couples can say they saw their babies at 3 past conception and then again at 5 days past conception. Not too many.

This mornings appointment went well, Dr’s confirmed that the freezing of our 7 embryo’s went well and that we had 3 blastocytes (exciting knowing that at this stage they’re no longer just fertilized eggs, but are considered embryo’s) to consider for transfer. I was fairly keen to put back all 3 because of my age and history, I feel the chances of all 3 taking are low. However, W was hesitant and the Dr’s agreed with him. Dr felt that given the quality of our blasts, that the risk of triplets was too high and that the quality of the blasts cancelled out my age. So, although I’ll probably always wonder what would have happened with that third one, I went along with the Dr’s and we’ve transferred 2.

We did learn something VERY interesting today. Something that has once again made me furious with my previous clinic and with how I feel they failed me in their treatment. My current clinic do scan assisted embryo transfers, my previous clinic did not. The Dr doing my ET today, Dr J, asked if this was my first scan assisted tranfer ever, which of course it is. He then asked W if he knew what they’re taught in medical school is the average length of a woman’s cervix? Of course W didn’t know, the conversation went something like this:

Dr J: “We’re taught that the cervix is 2.5cm’s in length and that during ET, you push the guided cathetar 6cm’s into the cervix to ensure that the embryo’s go inside the userus.”

W: “Yes, that makes sense”

Dr J: “Yes, we used to think we were so cleaver, but that was before we started using scan assisted ET’s. W – do you know how long your wife’s cervix is?”

W: “2.5cms?”

Dr J: “No W, your wife’s cervix is 6.5cm’s, this means that we have to push the cathertar in much further to ensure that the embryo’s are in fact deposited inside the uterus in optimum position!”

I had always been concerned at my previous clinic that they could not actually prove to me that the embryo’s were in fact inside my uterus. Now that I’ve had a cervix measurement done, I’m really left wondering…..

I’m just so glad that my good friend convinced me to change to VL, even when I got so angry with her. Chantal – all the best for your 2ww!

So, I ‘ve had another intralipid transfusion today, had a rather odd side effect this time, no headaches, but hot flushes and pain in the bones of my arm where the drip was being administered. But you know, I”m hoping and praying that I get to experience it again in two weeks time because that will mean I’m PREGNANT!!!!