Of Spring Day & Spring Hats

Ava is very excited for school today. They’re having a special Spring day celebration with a Spring hat parade and a Spring planting day. She headed out this morning with two trays of Pansies to plant and her Spring hat.

The school sent communication last week regarding the Spring Day plans and detailing the requirements for the hat parade, apparently, it’s supposed to be a task that we do together but I wonder really how a 20 month old is going to help hinder the hat creation?

I have the creativity of a brick. Seriously! I am no Martha Stewart. I suck at these types of task but didn’t want that to dampen her fun and her experience of Spring day. So, last night, after a few glasses of wine, I set about creating her Spring day hat, much to Walter’s amusement, he landed up helping me, because together, we have the creativity of 2 bricks! ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning, when I got to school and saw all the other hats, 2 things became very clear.

  1. Our efforts, despite how lame, were worth while, given the other gorgeous hats at school today, I’d be mortified if I’d arrived and on seeing all the other creations, Ava only had a sun hat with a flower clipped on it!
  2. Clearly, despite the school wanting this to be a task that the kiddies undertook, it was the parents creation that were displayed on the table there today!

Can’t wait to see the photo’s of my daughter wearing our collaborative creation!

Our Creation!



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