So there I was thinking I had all my bases covered for my DIY fertility kit, I just forgot to factor in one thing, W got PMS yesterday! So instead of us being like this:

We were more like this:

Oh happy days.

Have you noticed that while TTC the stupidest things ALWAYS happen around ovulation to try and spoil the mood? I mean, just last month, we had the accidental nose punching incident that left me crying with a bloody nose and W guilt ridden! Now this month, we got a grumpy man and a woman who’s having none of it, sure sounds like fun doesn’t it??

Perhaps I would be better off with a Fertility Specialist, at least then I’m paying him so I don’t have to be concerned about his moodiness!

According to my BBT chart, I’m on day 11, but we must be close to the Big O as I’ve had a very distinct drop in temperature this morning, in addition, my ovulation micrscope ist starting to show partial ferning and a couple of other signs, so perhaps W will be able to snap out of his funk long enough too get like this………..