A week or so ago I wrote a posting about Ava’s 3am chats and about whether I was being a bad mom for just letting her chat away at that time of the morning and not paying too much attention to it. Well it turns out…. I was being a bad mom! I discovered the reason for the 3am chats this weekend.

Its been cold in Jo’burg the past few days. We haven’t really had an autumn, it just went from being mild to suddenly freezing. This weekend in particular, was very very bad. Ava sleeps in a bababag™, she has the summer one which she’s been sleeping in since she was a newborn and the last month she’s been sleeping in the Autumn/Spring bag and will this week be moving to the winter bag. For those of you who don’t know the bababag™, they come with a nursery thermometer that displays the temperature in her room and then advises, depending on the temperature, what she should be sleeping in at night and I’ve been following these recommendations. For the past week, Ava has been sleeping in a long-sleeved vest inside her spring/autumn bababag™ but I have cheated and still covered her with the weighted baby blanket, even though they recommend not covering the baby with anything except what the nursery thermometer recommends.

So on Friday night, the nursery thermometer recommended that she sleep in a long-sleeved vest and leggings inside the spring/autumn bababag™, of course I didn’t agree, it seemed not warm enough. So instead, I set up a heater in her room, set to the lowest setting to take the chill out of the air, I warmed up one of those long last warm bean bags and I dressed her in a long-sleeved vest as well as a long-sleeved onsie, put her inside the autumn/spring bababag™ and then covered her with the weighted blanket and wouldn’t you know it…………. she slept right through.

I did the same on Saturday night and Sunday night and she slept right through those nights as well.

So I the answer to am I a bad mom is YES, my poor baby was cold and that’s why she wasn’t sleeping through, not because she wanted to chat at 3am but because she had no other way of telling me she was cold and couldn’t sleep!!!

This week I’ll be buying her the winter bababag™ but still following my own instincts in terms of what is warm enough for her!