So off I went, early Saturday morning, while the sparrows were still farting and (Stacey this is for you) with my butt in my face for yet another scan. I saw one of my RE’s partners for the scan, he assured me that my lining was perfect and that I was ready to trigger, which was quite impressive as it was only CD10. I asked him about the benefits of using Femara over Clomid and he explained to me that Femara has a greater physiological effect in comparison to Clomid and that it was standard for women to commonly only produce one follicle on Femara. He explained that one good quality follicle was preferable over multiple poor quality follicles.

Anyway, had my trigger injections  and got my instructions for the remaining meds for the month. When I got home my RE phoned me to discuss the email I had sent him on Friday. He also explained that Clomid has a detrimental effect on EWCM (of which I’ve had NONE this cycle) and can cause thinning of the lining and therefore Femara was preferable, it also produced a better quality egg. He also explained to me that although statistically the chances of a pregnancy were slightly less because the follicle was on my right ovary, that trans location was not uncommon and so the possibility for a pregnancy were still there and that we should go ahead as planned.

Of course this morning while thinking about my blog posting for the day, I decided to google Femara versus Clomid and oh boy am I sorry I did that! I did not know this, but according to the articles I’ve read, Femara is a cancer drug used for treating breast cancer and that its safety for use in ovulation induction has not been established and its even believed it can cause birth defects!!!

So now I’m trying not to freak out completely and this is obviously something I will need to discuss with my RE when I see him in two weeks time, I trust him implicitly but really need to discuss this with him. I see its pretty standard practise for most clinics to prescribe this medication so I’m guessing they must know something the rest of us don’t, but still this makes me a little nervous because we all know how much Murphy loves to wreck havoc in my life!