So I did it! Yay me! I was really anxious and when my alarm went off this morning, I almost just switched it off and went back to sleep. But instead I dragged my ass out of bed and got down to business.

The scan went totally fine, everything is as it should be, the good news was that Dr G also checked my ovaries for antral follicles, of which there were many, which apparently bodes well for my ovarian reserve. He has also said that its not necessary to repeat any of my bloods just yet as its only been 6 months and things like AMH won’t drop that dramatically during that time. He has also assured me that its not necessary to repeat W’s SA as all of his SA’s in the past have been really good (aside from the CMA3 issue which is still not at a danger level) and that when they did my last PC Test his sample was above average.

And the best news………….

I don’t have to repeat that hideous HSG!!! Dr G explained to me that when they performed my Lap earlier this year, before closing me up, they pushed dye through my left tube then to double check that the tube was open and apparently the dye went through perfectly. He also says because I have no history of cysts, infections or endo that there’s no reason for my tube to just mysteriously block.

He is however concerned that the reason for no pregnancy over the past 6 cycles could be related to an egg quality issue stemming from my right ovary which is apparently not as great at the left one. So I’m on a double dose ( :-0 ) of Femara from tomorrow in an attempt to shake them ovaries up a bit and see what happens this cycle. If that fails he’s asked W and I to come and see him in about 4 weeks for a consult to discuss where to from here, obviously being on the wrong side of 35 is not really assisting the cause.

When we first started chatting, he ran through my entire file again and all my tests etc and he told me something I completely forgot about, but that does give me a little bit of hope. When I had my lap done, they also discovered a polyp in my uterus which was removed. Now call me crazy, but I have exactly 3 friends/acquaintances who had 2 or 3 recurrent miscarriages and when they had surgery and the polyp was removed they stopped having miscarriages. The last one, Dulce now has a beautiful 6 month old baby girl after 4 years of battling, so I’m feeling hopeful.

Just bummed at how expensive it is, almost started crying when I had to hand over my R1 220 for a scan and some pills this morning!