On ER Visits, Augmentin & Kid Codes!

Warning: poop mentioned!

Ava hasn’t been well over the past week. Last weekend she had these bizarre and unexplained fever spikes and then a week of complaining on and off that her tummy was sore. We weren’t really sure what was up, but because she is a child that has always battled with constipation, we put it down to either that or a physical reaction to Loveness’s death, something that seems to have played heavily on her mind & heart.

On Saturday we had yet another birthday party to attend and once again Ava was complaining of not feeling well. The previous weekend, we’d had to cancel the party she was invited to because of her unexplained fevers. So when I suggested we give Casey’s party a skip on Saturday, she had a total meltdown and in the end I relented and we attended but I don’t think she had a very good time, she didn’t want to go on the water slide, which for my little daredevil is quite something and she was quite clingy and whiny and in the end we left the party early and as soon as we got home she passed out.

Augmentin Ava

Even when she’s not well, I think she is the most exquisite little thing!

She slept for a long time, again something which is most unlike her, the only time Ava naps during the day is if she’s sick and when she woke up I really started to get freaked out. She was complaining of extreme pain and was unable to turn over, sit up, stand or walk. So off we went to our nearest ER, fun times on a Saturday afternoon I tell you, where she was bumped up the waiting list to a code yellow (code red goes straight into the ER, code yellow bumps the waiting list and all other codes have to just wait their turn).

We had to get a urine sample from her, have you ever tried getting a urine sample from a non cooperative 3 year old? So after much struggling I resorted to just holding the cup in the toilet bowl and letting her wee all over my hands in an attempt to get the sample. Good times!

She was diagnosed with a severe bladder infection and we were sent home with pain meds and Augmentin. Now I hate Augmentin, I can’t take it as I have an extreme reaction to it and on the occasions I have had to take it, I’ve also had to have intravenous injections to replaced lost instestinal flora because not even probiotics can overcome its harsh effects on my system.  Ava seems to cope a little better with it, but it does upset her tummy.

Yesterday was her 4th day on Augmentin when the inevitable happened!

Augmentin Poop


There came a wailing sound and much sobbing and shrieking and she started telling me she had a squishy pooh! When I went to check on her… well lets just say it was everywhere. Plopped on the floor in path where she’d walk just like Hansel & Grettel leaving a trail of sweets, only this was poop.

Of course, me being me, I found this hysterically funny and I got the giggles. The more I laughed, the more upset she became, telling me she’s so upset and she’s so embarrassed. The rest of the afternoon was spent hosing her off and coming up with creative ways to transport her clothing to the trash without adding to the poop trail.

But I did learn two things:

  1. that a squishy pooh is toddler code for a gigantasourus poop that literally falls through your underwear!
  2. that when my child is sick, I’ll do just about anything to make her feel better including letting her pee on my hands and scraping pooh off the floor!



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