On Mom’s Losing Their Shit

I saw that quote on Face Book yesterday and it really did make me feel a teeny tiny bit better! Are mom’s everywhere really losing their shit regularly? Because I had a “lose all the shits” kind of day yesterday. 

Losing My Shit

The thing is… I have an almost 3 year old who hero worships her older, 6 year old sister, who, have I mentioned, is extremely willful. There are times…. when… well, when I just simply lose my shit! Last night being one of them!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d have seen this tweet:

That’s because….. after repeating myself One hundred and eleventy million times over the past year about how my girls MAY NOT play on the breakfast nook bar stools, raising them as high as possible and then getting stuck there… the inevitable, which I as their MOTHER, I knew was coming…. One of them did get stuck up there and when trying to dismount the bar stool, they, along with said bar stool came crashing to the floor! And of course, said bar stool broke! 


Then, in the midst of cooking dinner and packing school lunches, I discovered that the treat tin had been raided and cleaned out. The VERY treat tin I’d told them the day before they MAY NOT partake from without asking me first. 

So ja…. I went APE SHIT! Sent them both of to their rooms with the required instruction that they stay there until their Dad got home and we could discuss a suitable punishment. Because frankly, even I was a little scared of myself by this point…. I am so tired of not being listened to!

Forgetting of course, that Hannah has the softest little heart and after witnessing me going all Medusa….

Because you know, Ava will simply come out and communicate with me, even when I’m looking like Medusa, but Hannah, not so much. I learned that the hard way, when I heard her sobbing uncontrollably in her room and on checking on her discovered she’d dropped some …. um…. brown bears…. in her underpants because she is to timid to come out her room and tell me she needed the toilet!

So now, I’m really like…..

I have supper on the stove, lunches I’m half way through packing, a child covered in… um… brown bear and I’m officially losing all the shits. 

Storm upstairs… run a bath, run downstairs, check the food isn’t burning…. storm back upstairs, get the brown bears cleaned and the kids in the bath…. run back downstairs, check on the food…. run back upstairs, bath the kids…. run back downstairs, check the food… get the kids out the bath and in their pj’s…. send them back to their rooms and then run back downstairs to save my burning food.

At which point my dear husband arrives home and asks me what all the screaming is about?

After I had calmly and rationally detailed my delightful afternoon to my husband, we agreed on a punishment… which is no screen time for a week… no TV, no Youtube, No Netflix, no iPad. Nothing! Does that seem harsh? 

And then what followed was a highly entertaining conversation with peeps on Twitter about how they had been punished as a kid. I’ve been on the receiving end of these types of punishments as a kid too, the one from Cindy about pegs on their ears had me in stitches!

So I think it’s safe to say that parents and us Mom’s can drop the guilt about losing our shit because we’ve been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years! 


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