On Snot Sucking & Bad Twins…..

Celeste, The Reluctant Mom, nominated me for a little fellow blogger loving with a Thanks For Writing Nomination, her reasoning… because I make her sniff backs snot… err, that’s better than making her dry heave right???


Right, so now I’m supposed to share 7 random things about myself that you don’t know already… mmm, I’ve been blogging to openly and for so long that I’m pretty sure I’ve shared everything but I’ll try!

On Saturday I’m going to a photo shoot for Fair Lady!  To say that I’m sh*tting myself is an understatement! The shoot is for the September issue where myself and One Of The Boy’s, Nicki are featured… don’t want to say too much now, but look out for that issue and read the article. I’ve laid my life bare for other’s to read in the hope that perhaps my experience will help someone else! It’s a little scary but also really exciting. Anyway, back to the shoot, starting this afternoon, I have scheduled appointments to have my nails filled, my highlights touched up and my eyebrows waxed. It’s bad enough the being the fat chic at a shoot, the least I can do is try to look my best! But I am super stoked that their will be a professional make up artist to do our make up, my body my look sh*t but at least my face should look great!
I wrote my first ever paid article for Your Baby magazine, it’s in the next edition, about post adoption depression syndrome, my experience and tips on coping. It was such a thrill and I cannot wait to buy my copy of the mag, I swear, I’m so proud of myself, I’m going to frame that written work! It took me ages, I literally agonized over every word I wrote!

I’ve moved my blog 4 times. I initially started a blog because everyone else was doing it, but quickly discovered what great, cheap therapy it was and of course receiving comments became like a sounding board for me, I could mouth of and receive feedback, support and other points of view. I’ve never deleted my old blogs but have migrated them all each time I’ve moved. My first blog name was: The Not So Secret Lives Of Us, followed by Mindful Meanderings, then I Believe In Miracles and now The Blessed Barrenness. I keep moving my history with me because it’s very much a part of my story. It’s very much a part of how we got here and when I read back on old posts, as far back as 2008, I realize what a long way I’ve come, how much I’ve grown and how much life has changed.

I used to have a terrible needle phobia, each time I had to have an injection or a blood test I would freak out and want to faint. But infertility and infertility treatment made me tough and by the end of our journey, I was injecting myself and showing the nurses which veins to use for my blood tests. Infertility has helped me to overcome my fear of pain. I’m no longer afraid of physical pain but I’m still terrified of emotional pain, mostly because the emotional trauma of my infertility was far harder to deal with than the physical trauma.

On every aptitude test I’ve ever done in my life, my top careers have always been listed as psychologist, counselor, social worker or mentor. I’ve been thinking about studying part time a lot lately and would love to study to be a counselor, using my experience of infertility and adoption and offering counseling to couples/singles struggling along the journey or considering adoption. Adoption has really become my passion, offering support and encouragement to those on the same journey as me is truly my labour of love and nothing, aside from squishy hugs and wet kisses from Ava, makes me feel as fulfilled as when I’m offering encouragement and support to others on this journey.

If I wasn’t a working mom in a semi corporate environment, I’d love to look like this:
Somewhere deep inside me lives my bad twin, the one who’s the hardcore lead singer of a rock band!

And now for my nominee’s:

Lisa-Marie – because she’s my girl husband!

Sian over at A Love Beyond Measure, simply because she’s one of the sweetest people I know!

Julia at Unwritten because she’s a thinker and she often gets me to think about things that would probably never have crossed my mind and she’s one my earliest blog readers!

Miss Preggy – because I have huge respect for this single mama!

Stacey from Living Lionheart – because she’s thinking about firing up the ol’ blog and perhaps this will prompt her!

Margot from Jou Ma Se Blog – just because she’s bloody funny and I have huge respect for her!

Now here’s what you do and if other bloggers wish to pick this up and pass it along, here is a quick should-do list:

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  • Lisa-Marie

    August 2, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Aaack! Didn’t realise you also nominated me!
    I hear you on the needle thing – used to take a good 20 mins to draw my blood…. 18 mins of deep breathing on my part, downing coke (cola!), head between knees… you name it. That all changed the day I had to inject myself in my stomach!
    You are already my mentor! You would be PHENOMINAL as a counsellor, Shaz!! That goes without saying!!
    I dig that chick… loooove dreads.


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