On Unicorns & Compromises Where Everyone Wins!

Back in 2009, before we had any idea that we would adopt, or that our birth mom was walking around with Ava-Grace in her belly, I was more convinced than ever that I would never be a mother. But I was desperate to love, cuddle and nurture something, anything at that point and so I convinced Walter to get me a dog for my birthday. I wanted a tiny little dog that I could cuddle and snuggle, that would sleep in bed with me and that I could basically treat like a baby.

What followed was us landing up with two very naughty Chihuahua’s and then a few months later, Ava was born.

Ava has been asking for a pet Unicorn for her birthday. Not the easiest gift to arrange I’ll tell you! And I’ve been desperate for another big dog. We are a family of animal lovers and Ava has followed in our great love of animals so when she started on the idea of wanting a Unicorn, I started nagging Walter for a big dog. He eventually gave in, mostly because between Ava and I we managed to wear him down.

I really wanted a rescue, Ava didn’t care. If she couldn’t have a Unicorn, she just wanted a big dog. I started scouting all the local animal shelters and rescue organizations within our area looking for a suitable dog to add to our family. Baring in mind, we’re not an easy family to match with. We have two small children, one of whom is terrified of animals and two small dogs, both of whom are highly strung and one of which is extremely dominant! But eventually we found a beautiful boy we were hoping to adopt.

The agency we were using were very thorough and they insisted on a neutral territory meeting for the initial introductions of Scooby, a really beautiful pitt bull/boerbull cross, they even had a behaviourist co-ordinate the introductions and I was very excited that we’d be able to bring Scooby home with us. Sadly, the meeting did not go well. Hannah was terrified and screamed the entire time, Dexter wet himself and Miley, although she’s only the size of Scooby’s snout, spent the entire time trying to kill him until he eventually got fed up and tried to attack her.

The behaviourist then intervened and explained that he felt we would be better off with a puppy, given our family dynamic, Hannah’s fear and the existing dog pack hierarchy in our home with Miley being so dominant.

Enter a long debate over what puppy to get….

I wanted a pitt bull.

Walter wanted a Staffie.

Ava wanted a Unicorn!

But we eventually came to a compromise and we started researching and looking for reputable, ethical Amstaff (American Staffordshire Terrier) breeders in Gauteng.

And this weekend, after a loooong wait, our Unicorn, also known as Layla, finally came home!


Amazingly, she seems to have fitted in really well into our family dynamic. Aside from pulling Hannah around by her dummy strap, Hannah seems to not be afraid of her at all and even tries to pat her. Ava is completely in love with “Lallies” and can’t leave the poor puppy alone for even 5 minutes to take a nap.



Miley and Dexter are somewhat less than impressed. Miley has decided to show us the middle finger by going on a hunger strike and Dexter mostly just sh*ts himself, although he is slowly coming around, thankfully, there has been no fighting and mostly Layla just wants to play with Miley & Dexter. Problem is Miley is far too pissed off right now and Dexter is too scared but I’m confident in time they’ll get over themselves and she’ll integrate into their mini pack.



She is just the happiest and sweetest little thing although, I have no doubt after seeing her mom and dad over the weekend, she’s going to a very muscular, big girl when she’s all grown up.



We start puppy school this weekend as we want her to be well socialized and also obedient, especially because my plan is to have her as my running buddy when she’s a bit older. Nothing says back the f*** off quite like a scary dog running along with you after all.

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