Pink Dinosaurs, Water Slides & Butt Breaks!

I was anxious yesterday morning, when my eyes flew open just after 5am & I raced to the curtains to yank them open and check on the weather. After a week of overcast and rainy weather, the day of Ava’s party dawned and it could not have been more perfect weather.

We’d booked a water slide for the party and I had been fretting all week about what we’d do if the day of the party dawned with bad weather but the weather God’s were smiling on Ava’s special day and after a year of attending all of her friends parties, it was finally her turn to have her party, she was beyond excited for her pink dinosaur party.



We had her party at Elf’s Hill this year and all I can say is wow, what a great venue, by far the best kids party venue that we’ve been to in the 3 years we’ve been attending kiddies parties. The playground is massive with a huge selection of goodies for the kids to choose from. You only have to have a look at their website to see that their play area really is a wonderland for kids.

Ava sliding


By the time we arrived, everything had been set up and we were ready to enjoy the party.

Party Table
The water slide was a huge hit and just about every child there spent an almost solid two and a half hours running and sliding down that slide!
Amy & Ava
Tristan Sliding
Ava sliding on the water slide
The weather was scorching hot and because I’m always a bok for sport, it took very little convincing from anyone before I’d decided I was going down the water slide in my dress. Sadly I misjudged the speed at which I hit the water slide on my first attempt and I literally shot off the side of the slide, using my butt cheeks as breaks as I hit the grass. Thankfully I don’t embarrass easily and was back up for a second attempt which I did perfectly! Splashing into the splash pool at the end of the slide to the heart warming words of my daughter telling her friends:
“My mommy is crazy, she’s so cool!”
Beautiful child
Ava got very spoiled and when we got home we sorted through all her gifts but half way through opening, we decided to pack some away for her to open on Thursday, which is her actual birthday because there was just so much and she was clearly overwhelmed by everything she had received.
Her eyes literally lit up when she came across this mermaid Barbie in amongst all the treasure she had received.
Ava & the mermaid barbiejpg


It really was a fabulous birthday party and the perfect way to celebrate Ava’s 3rd year. A big thanks to all our family and friends who attended and helped make such a special day a memorable one!



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