Anyone that reads my blog, is friends with me on FB or follows me on Twitter will know that two of the things that make me me are my great love of romance novels & music. I love the escapism of a good romance novel and will always chose to read over watching TV or a movie. Music makes my world go around. Every defining experience I’ve had in life can be defined by a song, I often think back on experiences in terms of the music I was listening to at the time.

Last year I read in excess of 50 books and this year I’m on track to up that to about 70 books, TG for my Kindle and for Amazon’s cheap Kindle book prices!

There was a name of a band and a very specific song that kept popping up in a number of the books I read last year. When I first read it, I thought it was just some made up band but then the band name and song kept coming up over and over and over again so this morning I googled them and I think I may be a little obsessed!

Not my usual taste in music but I went and listened to some other songs from The Avett Brothers and have landed up buying all their albums off iTunes. I may be a little obsessed!

What do you think?