Today my precious little sausage is one week old and to be honest, I’m still coming to terms with how fast our lives changed. One day we were a childless, infertile couple, organizing and planning a Christmas with family. The next we were a family of three.

So far though, its pretty much all been good. Ava is a very good little baby, her tummy mummy must have been super relaxed because she’s very relaxed. Without too much effort we’ve slipped into a rather comfortable routine, I call it 2-10-6 because my life currently revolves around those numbers as that is her sleeping/eating routine, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am and so we go. For the parents of a new born, I’d say we’re faring pretty well and averaging around 7 hours of sleep at night, split into two x 3.5 hour sessions. Ava usually plops off to sleep just after 10pm and if I don’t set my alarm for her 2am feed, she sleeps right through it. A very good little sausage indeed. We’ve had 3 very bad nights out of 7. Two were on account of her jaundice and one was last night due to severe stomach cramps. She literally screamed for almost 3 hours straight and it did not matter what we did, we could not console the little sausage. Of course today I’m wiser and after a visit to my pharmacy and a long discussions with the pharmacist, I’m now armed with Buscopan syrup should she get those dreadful craps again.

We’re all still trying to get used to our new lives and our new routines, but so far its going well. W is a star, Ava could not have asked for a more patient hands on Dad. He helps with everything and is especially good with her during the difficult times when her tummy hurts or when she was jaundiced. He has taken full responsibility for bottle duty, always ensuring she has a supply of clean and sterilized bottles. He also helps with the nappies and with some of the feeds.

We’re thankful to be in a position financially to be thrust into parenthood so suddenly because seriously, baby things are expensive.  I suppose the expense is magnified by the fact that we’ve had to buy in the space of a week what most expectant and new parents buy over a period of months.

I don’t have as much time to blog as I used to but I’m working on a posting called – Things My Mother Told Me I Never Believed and will update you all again soon.