Our second assessment has been booked. We’ll be flying down to Cape Town at the end of March and having our assessment day on the 25th. It’s the oddest thing, I’m suddenly extremely nervous and I know its ridiculous! I mean seriously! We’ve been through this before, we know what to expect, we know the risks, we know all about the awkward questions we will be required to answer so, why, oh why do I feel so anxious?

One of the things that Walter and I have discussed is doing some work on our profile. Obviously it will be different this time around and we need to update it to include Ava-Grace. Our reasons for adopting the second time around are also different and obviously we need to be mindful of the fact that we will now be appealing to a very different kind of birth mom than previously.

The way our SW’s have explained is that there is no preference given to child-free couples or couples with one child. Profiles are presented to BM’s based on the BM’s preference. So some BM’s will request that their babies be placed in homes where they won’t be an only child, or where they will have an older sibling.

So that’s it folks, the ball is on the roll. It’s the weirdest feeling. I can’t believe I’m putting myself out there for a second time. It’s very different to the first time. Its exciting and I’m nervous but there isn’t the same level of desperation there was the first time around, which is a tremendous relief.

So, operation baby no. 2 is a GO!