This weekend is just so exciting. We arrived in Cape Town yesterday at lunch time and shortly after settling in with my parents, received a phone call from our SW’s that seemed to finally kick my ass into action. They called to let us know that our BM and her Mom were now safely settled into the furnished apartment close to the hospital which we had rented for them and that they were super excited to meet us on Saturday but that there was a chance we would meet earlier as Mum’s tummy had dropped so low it was proving difficult to see her thighs and she was complaining of period like cramps. Both our SW’s are convinced this baby is coming this weekend!!!!!!!!!

That was like a firecracker going off in my butt. The next thing we were hitting the shops, Ackermans Baby, Woolies Baby and Baby City where a substantial amount of money was spent. The travel system, Graco Quatro something something has been selected and my darling dad will be buying that for us on Saturday. After two hours in the shops we headed home and started preparing baby’s hospital bag:

1x hooded towel

1x face cloth

2x receiving blankets

1x woolly blanket

3x outfits (leggings, short sleeved onsie, jacket at beanie)

4x toweling nappies

15x Pampers new born nappies

Loads of baby toiletries (bum cream and the like)

2x Advent Bottles

1x Nuk Bottle

3x Dummies (forget the brand of two and one Nuk)

The drops for wind

Nan AH Formula

Apparently because we’ll only be in hospital for less than a day, this is all baby will be needing.

The video camera and camera batteries are on charge, the map book has been checked to plot the route to hospital.

We made it through Friday night without the call to action, so this am I’m rushing off to the shops to go and buy our beauitful BM an overnight bag that I plan ti fill with treats including some lavish toiletries, mags and snacky things which we’ll either give to her when we meet his afternoon or at the hospital and baby comes earlier.

Operation baby is in full swing……….