Our Adoption Story Featured On Doctor’s Orders

Our adoption story was featured last year on Doctors Orders while I was still on maternity leave with Hannah. There have been many recent reports on the steep decline of adoptions in South Africa, based on research reports conducted by The National Adoption Coalition South Africa. As a result, Doctors Orders contacted me to ask if they could rerun our story but they wanted to film additional and updated footage an interviews which we did last week Wednesday.

The show was supposed to air during Doctors Orders new time slot, Saturdays at 15h00 on SABC3, but due to a technical issue at the SABC, it ran a day earlier on Friday. Thankfully the folks over at Doctors Orders uploaded our insert to their You Tube channel and I got to see the updated story and my gorgeous girls being uber cute.

The filming last week did not go well, Walter gets very nervous and Ava was really sick. She vommed all over herself during the filming and we had to stop to change her while she cried inconsolably. She was not very cooperative thereafter and insisted on wearing a pair of red & black polka dot shorts that are about two sizes too small and a yellow and black t-shirt, but whatever, here is the video for those of you who are interested:

As soon as the show aired my mailbox started getting filled with plea’s from people looking to adopt and more importantly, from birth mom’s who felt they had no where to turn and no one to help them. Unfortunately the story does still feature Trinity Heart, which I surrendered a few  months ago, but if anyone is seeing this and finds themselves in this position, please contact Adoption South Africa for assistance.




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